Rajaa Prem Singh Shiksha Mahavidyalaya ,

Kothi Raja Heera Singh, Behraich (U.P.)



                    DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE

My dear students,

     You can succeed in life by setting goals and achieving these by consistent hard work. In our college we will prepare you, guide you ,support you and mould you to succeed in life as professional in your chosen area .Our  B.Ed  training courses in the field of educational area is based on the philosophy of succeeding by dedication, application & honest endeavour.

  Every country has specific educational needs to compete in the world, which has already shrunk to a global village of symbiotic relationship. Education system must allow the students to blossom into achiever. In the present twenty first century it would be necessary to have a value based education system which would combine exponentially growing scientific knowledge with India's ethos -enabling intellectual & social development.


Rajaa Prem Singh Shiksha Mahavidyalaya ,Kothi Raja Heera Singh, Bahraich (U.P.) creates a spirit of achievement and intellectual adventure with the help of experienced  and talented faculty, eminent educational leader & professionals working together to achieve excellence in education.

   We are committed to develop the potential and nurture the talents of our students by creating an environment conducive to learning.

                          Blessing and Best Wishes for an eventful career.    


                                                                                           Rajaa Prem Singh Shiksha Mahavidyalaya


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Revised: July 24, 2007 .